Case Study - BrightPoint - Portal Builder

BrightPoint For Children

BrightPoint for Children is a Christ-centered, child sponsorship organization through which sponsors can provide for the basic needs and education of impoverished children wherever they may live. You can learn more about them at

Business Needs

BrightPoint had an existing website that provided information about their organization / partners and enabled users to sponsor children. BrightPoint wanted to make several changes to the website - including moving to a more modern / responsive design and moving to a platform that offered a highly configurable database with back-end administrative tools. BrightPoint turned to a design agency to create the new look and incorporated Salesforce to provide the database and administrative capabilities. The next step was to determine how to build out the new website.

BrightPoint looked at several of the Salesforce options but ran into many of typical limitations (read more here). BrightPoint also specifically struggled with the question of image storage. They couldn't use Salesforce for file storage because it was simply too expensive.

BrightPoint then considered using WordPress, but quickly realized they would have to heavily customize it in order to integrate with Salesforce. In addition, private labeling, user registration / profile management, and e-commerce were a few of their key features that were going to be difficult to incorporate if WordPress was to be used. Having said that, BrightPoint also really needed several of the key benefits offered by WordPress - most notable was its content management capabilities.

BrightPoint then took a look Cloud4J's Web App Builder product and quickly realized that it met all of their needs. It had strong integration with Salesforce, low-cost image storage, private labeling, content management capabilities, and e-commerce support. In addition, the cost to have Cloud4J build a custom website was less than what it would take to customize WordPress.

In the end, BrightPoint engaged Cloud4J to build a custom web application using Portal Builder. To learn more about specific features, see the following sections:

Salesforce Data Integration

All the data on the BrightPoint website (children, projects, partners, etc.) is stored in Salesforce. The screenshot below shows how the data from a Child record in Salesforce shows up on the web site.

Content Management

BrightPoint regularly needs to update their web content (FAQs, About Us, etc). Site admins can log in to the BrightPoint website and edit content using the editor shown below. In addition, since all of this content is stored in Salesforce, they can also edit it directly there if they want to.

E-Commcerce Integration (Stripe)

Portal Builder's built in e-commerce features enable online sponsorship of children and submission of project donations.

Case Management

BrightPoint users can create cases by submitting the Contact Us form or by inquiring about becoming a partner. In addition, several cases are created automatically based on actions of their users. A few examples include:

  • Sponsor Child - Case created to inform administrators to send an information packet to the sponsor.
  • Write Child a Letter - Case created to remind administrators to deliver the letter to the child.
  • Failed Recurring Payment - Case created to give specific instructions on how to handle the failed payment.

Let Cloud4J build, deploy, and maintain a custom web application that integrates with your Salesforce instance in less time and for less money, all with great reliability, performance, and security!