Salesforce IdeaExchange Ideas - Report Builder

Idea Points Included
Ability to Print Reports to PDF 23,860
Formating reports for printing 2,710
Reports: We'd Love Groovier Header Rows 1,780
Report Export | Addition Export Options 560
Printable View on Reports needs to be revisited and improved 480
Email reports directly 400
Create reports like MS Access or Crystal Reports 350
Email Complete Report 220
Better reports 100
report view in PDF 30
Idea Points Included
More Report and Dashboard Chart Color Customization 22,530
Ability to export or print the report chart with the report 8,860
Set colors for bar chart on bucket fields 6,700
Add Values on Stacked Bar Charts 4,130
Add Charts to Scheduled Reports 3,420
Change color in report charts 1,640
Set colors on pie chart 1,370
Include chart in printable view 520
Add Excitement into your Charts and Graphs (3D/Shadows)! 440
Customizable Chart Colors 420
Allow Custom Colors on Pie Charts 410
Allow controls on the "Other" slice in Pie Charts 330
Set Colors for Chexbox Values in Charts 300
Customized Coloring for Report / Dashboard Charts 220
Custom Sorting in Charts 180
Reordering Groupings in Stacked Column Charts 210
Modify the 3% Threshold for Combine Small Groups into "Others" on Charts 120
Bar Chart - Color Customizations 100
Idea Points Included
Ability to PRINT Dashboards 45,800
Idea Points Included
Schedule Reports as Attachments and add Adobe PDF, Excel Option 73,660
Emailing scheduled reports to Other email addresses - NON users 26,830
Reporting on Scheduled Reports 10,530
Unscheduling Reports Capability for non-Administrators 9,540
Don't Email Scheduled Reports if the report is empty 8,660
Schedule/Email Reports Running User as a Variable 5,540
Scheduled emailing of reports includes CSV 5,220
Improve format of scheduled reports 4,170
Expand User List to all Approved Users in Scheduled Reports 3,160
Schedule Reports: add "quarterly" as an available frequency 2,920
Enable Salesforce Platform license to schedule reports 2,880
Scheduled reports: customize email message 2,830
Schedule Report to any user when a folder is Shared w/ All Internal Users 1,710
Allow multiple schedules for single report 1,190
Schedule same report or dashboard for more than one time slot 730
Multiple schedules for a report or dashboard 670
Allow Scheduled Reports to be run Biweekly 600
Specify the report recipient as Running User for a scheduled report 600
Customize Report Layout 560
Scheduled reports - improve the look 410
Email Reports 380
Force a scheduled report to run immediately 370
Scheduling Reports 310
Get a schedule of all scheduled Dashboards and Reports 310
Let me schedule things for the first weekday of the month 300
Fortnight report schedule 280
Schedule reports/dashboards to individual users when the folder is restricted 230
Ability to "Store" or "Schedule "date driven Reports 220
ability to send schedule report when folder is not publicly available 220
Report formatting for scheduled Emails 220
Email reports ad hoc 190
Embed Report in Email Templates 180
The (1 Scheduled Report / Hour) limitation has to Go 170
Nightly Report Dump to Excel with Time Stamp 150
Schedule report to run sometime during the day 120
Schedule report to run sometime during the day 120
Scheduling reports and publishing it like an attachment 120
Add Comments section for 'Schedule Future Runs' on automated reports 120
Printable View Formatting 120
Add option to remove list of filters from an emailed report 120
Scheduled Reports: Run as User, Run for Role 110
Ability to send several reports at the same time 110
Allow Scheduling Salesforce Reports every 30 minutes instead of hourly 100
Select Users Within Report Folder's Shared Public Groups to Email Report Runs 90
Scheduled Reports 80
Schedule Report Monthly - select several days of the month 80
Schedule Report Monthly - select several days of the month 80
Run Scheduled Reports as .csv output as well as .xls 70
Schedule more than 1 report per hour 70
Scheduling report - Don't send report results if there are no records 70
Editing of Email Messages for schedule reports and dashboards 70
Report/Dashboard Scheduling--allow for scheduling by fiscal year or period 60
Allow Scheduled Reports to be sent to a more fine-grained set of Users 50
Select multiple running users for scheduled reports 40
Report Schedulers : Auto Email Report in CSV or Excel 40
Have an alert tell me when report is finishing schedule 30
Individual Report Scheduler 20
Allow to schedule report to individual user level 10
Email the report immediately 10
Allow Schedule Reports to use the security of the Recipient 10