Case Study - RentFax - Portal Builder


RentFax provides unbiased reports to guide residential real estate investment options. The reports provide detail about risk, recommended rents, expected tenancy / vacancy, operating expenses, and income. You can learn more about at

Business Needs

RentFax needed a web application that would allow new users to register, purchase credits, and create reports. The web application was to be a Business-to-Consumer application that would have hundreds and eventually thousands of users. It also needed to integrate seamlessly with their existing Salesforce instance as well as several third-party libraries.

RentFax engaged Cloud4J to build a custom web application using Portal Builder. To learn more about specific features, see the following sections:


To allow for the online purchase of credits, RentFax needed to build out ecommerce functionality. Cloud4J built out an integration with Authorize.NET that included both online credit card transactions and secure storage of saved credit cards.

ChartFX Library

RentFax reports require a number of charts all varying in design from basic bar charts to highly customized RentFax specific charts. Cloud4J built an integration with the ChartFX library to produce several standard charts as well as custom charts.

Intelligent Data Storage

One of the keys to the RentFax reports is that they pull in data from several third parties. Cloud4J built integrations with all of these providers and also came up with an intelligent data storage mechanism whereby all data could be stored in Salesforce as simple data attachments (as opposed to storing data directly in Salesforce which can be costly).

Google Map

Another key component to the RentFax reports is their powerful usage of maps. Cloud4J used the Google Maps API (both the web version and the static image version for PDFs) to produce location specific maps as well as dynamic heat maps for geographic regions.

@Risk Monte Carlo Library

In addition to retrieving data from numerous sources, RentFax needed to perform advanced calculations and complex data simulations to produce meaningful analytic data. Cloud4J worked with @Risk to install, configure, and integrate with a Monte Carlo simulator to perform these calculations and simulations.

PDF Generation Libraries

All RentFax reports need to be viewed as both web reports and as PDFs. Cloud4J integrated with a PDF generation library to convert all web based reports into professional print ready PDFs.

Let Cloud4J build, deploy, and maintain a custom web application that integrates with your Salesforce instance in less time and for less money, all with great reliability, performance, and security!