Report Builder - Road Map

New Features

Reporting Portal

Enable non-Salesforce users to log into Report Builder to view, send, and download dashboards and reports.

Document Template Enhancements

We are planning on making numerous enhancements to our document templates including the use of child objects as well as PDF, PowerPoint, and HTML templates.


We recently built out a basic eSign interface. Currently it is only being used by a couple of beta customers but we will plan to build out the full solution.

Joined Reports

Now that Salesforce has added support for joined reports in their API, we are planning to bring those types of reports into Report Builder.

New Data Sources

We are constantly adding new data source connections. Right now we are targeting the following for our next couple of releases:

  1. Adobe Analytics
  2. Couchbase
  3. Dynamics 365 (Suite)
  4. Dynamics CRM
  5. Exact Online
  6. Excel
  7. Facebook
  8. Google Sheets
  9. Google BigQuery
  10. Hubspot
  11. MariaDB
  12. Marketo
  13. MongoDB
  14. NetSuite
  15. Oracle Eloqua
  16. Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  17. Salesforce Chatter
  18. Salesforce Pardot
  19. SAP ERP
  20. SAP Hana
  21. ServiceNow
  22. Snowflake
  23. Xero
  24. Zendesk